Meeting Time: March 18, 2021 at 6:00pm CDT
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4. 21-179 Consider Discussion on Attached Items as Requested by Commission Schroeer.

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    Kathy Schuurman about 1 month ago

    I find no way to comment about the memo sent by the EQC. So here: What does the Fish and Wildlife Service say about our situation with the bumble bee? While the Paulson project does not require Federal oversight, no one is exempt from the Endangered Species Act.Thus, the responsibility of ensuring that no RPBB are harmed or killed rests with the developer or “Project Proponent.” It is in the best interest of the Project Proponent (meaning the developer and the City) to closely follow the best available scientific evidence posted on the Federal RPBB website to reduce the risk of harming or killing RPBB. The developer must take a close, hard look at Section 7.What does Section 7 say: The RPBB like patches of mature upland forests with upland grasses nearby.They like early spring flowering plants in these patches of forest. These are called “spring ephemerals” and include plants like trout lilies. The south side of the Paulson property has a huge population of these plants.