Meeting Time: November 17, 2020 at 6:00pm CST
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Agenda Item

13. Ord. 1017 Consider Ordinance Implementing Gas Service Franchise Fee.

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    Adam Lewis 5 months ago

    I support the implementation of the utility franchise fee.

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    Eileen Seeley 5 months ago

    How will this affect property owners in town who have already paid assessments for street and utility improvements. We have 2 properties on the west side of town and each assessment has been around $10,000.00. At the one location, the front walk (which we have told the City Inspector about 2x) is pushed up in the air and has a crack in it, creating a huge walking hazard. That same property the front yard has sunk in where the water lines come into the property. Not the best quality work in our opinion, but did it come with a warranty? Will we be assessed again on our Xcel bills or will people who have paid huge assessments get some sort of refund? Thank You.